• More than 20 years in the passenger railcar industry managing Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation and Buy America compliance
  • Oversaw more than $200 million in subcontract awards and payments to DBE, MBE and WBE subcontractors (a.k.a. business partners)
  • Provided DBE and Buy America training to more than 1000 staff members worldwide.
  • Developed DBE and Buy America strategy for new bids and existing contracts to Program, Purchasing, Estimating, Legal, Contracts and Marketing Management.
  • Oversaw 2nd-tier DBE subcontracting program by monitoring major system subcontractors.
  • Insured all DBEs were certified, paid promptly and “counting value” was correct.
  • Advised potential DBE suppliers through the certification application process with various transit properties.
  • Prepared DBE participation and Buy America compliance reports for monthly submittals to our transit property customers.
  • Successfully “passed” all Buy America Pre-Award and Post Delivery Audits I’ve managed.
  • Successfully managed meeting or exceeding USDOT-FTA Annual DBE Goal to remain in good standing with the USDOT, FTA and transit authorities.
  • Continuously addressed the ramifications of the USDOT’s DBE and Buy America rules (e.g., mentor-protégé, responsiveness vs. responsibility, etc.)
  • Served as a moderator and presenter at APTA, COMTO, and national civil rights committee meetings and conferences.
  • 100% of my DBE Good Faith Efforts proposals accepted by my firm’s customers.
  • Served as my firm’s DBE and/or Buy America Liaison Officer on contracts with the following transit organizations:
      1. AMTRAK (Washington, DC)
      2. BART (Oakland)
      3. CALTRANS (Sacramento)
      4. CTA (Chicago)
      5. King County (Seattle)
      6. MARTA (Atlanta)
      7. MBTA (Boston)
      8. Md. MTA (Baltimore)
      9. METRA (Chicago)
      10. NJT (Newark)
      11. (NY) MTA (NYCT, LIRR, Metro-North RR)
      12. PAAC (Pittsburgh)
      13. SEPTA (Philadelphia)
      14. WMATA (Washington, DC)

Training Feedback

I thought you did a good job covering such complex subjects, especially for persons having no exposure to these regulations. Your past efforts to educate union leadership were a good idea. Having rank and file understand, at least in a basic way, is beneficial.
James L.Work Package Controller